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Movicol Junior Flavour Free 30 Sachets


General Information

Movicol Junior Sachets 6.9g Flavour Free 30

Product Claims: For the relief of constipation. Gluten free, lactose free, Sucrose free

Size: 6.9 grams of MOVICOL Flavour Free powder.

Fragrance Free?: n/a

Non-Comedogenic?: n/a

Soap-Free?: n/a

Hypo Allergenic?: n/a

PABA Free?: n/a

Anti-Dandruff?: n/a

Shelf Life in Days: 1095


• Contains Macrogol 3350
PLUS electrolytes (salts) (Sodium chloride, Potassium chlorideand sodium bicarbonate)
It is an iso osmotic solution which prevents the net loss or gain of water and electrolytes in the body.
• Water and electrolytes are absorbed by the stool to soften and lubricate the stools
Gentle action
• Lactose Free, Gluten Free and Sucrose Free
Can be used by people who are lactose or gluten intolerant and diabetics
• Great Flavours
Easy to take
• Bulk preparations can be stored in the Fridge for 24 hours
Little or no wastage
• Comes in easy to use sachets
Ideal for at home and travel


Do not take MOVICOL Flavour Free if your doctor has told you that you have:
• an obstruction in your intestine (gut)
• a perforated gut wall
• severe inflammatory bowel disease, like ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, or toxic megacolon
• paralysis of the bowel
• an allergy to macrogol or any of the ingredients.

MOVICOL Junior Flavour Free is for use in children 2 years and over.


The fluid content of MOVICOL
when re-constituted with water does not
replace regular fluid intake and adequate
fluid intake must be maintained.
Laxative products such as Movicol have the
potential to interact with other medications,
by altering their absorption. Close monitoring
of the effects of the medications may be
necessary when patient starts or stops
taking Movicol regularly. It is important that
the patient should discuss this with the
If the patient is pregnant talk to the doctor
before taking Movicol.
If the patient needs to thicken fluids in order
to swallow them safely, Movicol may
counteract the effect of the thickener.


Macrogol 3350 6.563 g
Sodium bicarbonate 89.3 mg
Sodium chloride 175.4 mg
Potassium chloride 25.1 mg
Contains 93.4 mg of sodium and 13 mg of potassium

Contains: Contains 93.4 mg of sodium and 13 mg of potassium


* Open the sachet and pour the contents into a glass.
* Add 125 mL of water into the glass.
* Stir well until all the powder has dissolved and the MOVICOL Flavour Free solution is clear or slightly hazy, then drink it.