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Mosquito Patch 10 Pack


General Information

Mosquito patch insect repellent. Help keeps mosquitoes and insects away.


May irritate the eyes ,Avoid contact with eyes . Do not touch or rub eyes , nose or mouth with hand . Do not allow children to play with patch . Open pouches only as needed. Wash hands after handling the patch.

Common Uses

Helps keep mosquitoes, sand flies, midges, flies and other insects away. Mosquitoe - patch insect repellent has a  natural citronella oil ,the fragrance of which has been refined to help keep mosquitoes and insects away . The base of the patch contains the repellent and is highly durable, long lasting and convenient  to use.


Active constituent: 120mg/patch citronella oil.


Remove the individual packing and protective film and attach the adhesive side of the patch to your clothes or a location nearby , to help protect you up to 12 hours.