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Lansinoh HPA Lanolin 15g


Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN - 100% ultra pure lanolin

Clinically proven to accelerate healing of sore cracked nipples*
100% ultra pure lanolin to soothe heal and protect
So pure that there is no need to remove before breastfeeding

- Hypoallergenic and preservative free
- Does not clog pores or milk ducts

*Abou-Dakn M, et al., Positive Effect of HPA Lanolin versus Expressed Breastmilk on Painful and Damaged Nipples during Lactation, Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2011:24:27-35

Size: 15g


• • 100% Ultra pure lanolin
• • Accelerates healing of sore, cracked nipples
• • Hypoallergenic and preservative free
• • Does not clog pores or milk ducts
• • Lansinoh has been supporting breastfeeding for over 35 years


Keep out of reach of children - the cap may be a choking hazard.


Lanolin 100%


During breastfeeding: For the soothing relief an effective treatment of sore nipples, soften a pea-sized amount of Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin between fingers and apply over the whole area of sore or damaged skin after every feed or as neeed. If the skin is cracked or damaged, a thick layer of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin enables faster healing. Sore and damaged nipples commonly indicate a problem with the way the baby attaches to the breast when feeding. If the problem persists, seek help from a breastfeeding specialist.
During pregnancy: To condition the nipples prior to breastfeeding, apply twice daily to ease dryness and promote healthy, supple skin.
This is a personal care item and should be used by one individual only.
If squeezing ointment from the tube is diffucult warm the tube by massaging between hands.


Store below 30°C