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Hot Hands Hand Warmers 2 Pack


General Information

Stay warm wherever you are!
Hot Hands providing warmths for your hands and body. It keeps you warm up to 10 hours*!
Hot Hands is ideal for keeping your body warm when you feel cold any where.
*According to our independent test.(the duration depends on the conditions of usage)


* Burn hazard.
Low temperature burn refers to a burn with symptoms such as erythema and blisters. caused by extended period of contact with a heating element that is warmer than body temperature. Low temperature burn may also occur without any symptoms. Immediately remove warmer if it is too hot or uncomfortable. If using continuously in one place please check your skin around once per hour. 
- on any other part of the body other than the palms. 
- while sleeping. 
- with other heating devices. 
- on infants or on those who cannot remove the warmer by themselves. 
- in pants pocket. 
- additional pressure such as lying or sitting on the warmer. 
- for longer than stated. 
*  Careful supervision is required when used by the elderly, children, the handicapped, and those with sensitive skin. 
* Consult a physician or pharmacist before use if you are unable to feel heat or have circulatory problems such as diabetes, due to the possibility of burns. 
*  For external use only. Do not allow contents to get in eyes or mouth. If in eyes. flush thoroughly with clean water. If in mouth, consult a doctor or pharmacist as it contains iron powder, which can be harmful if swallowed. 
*  For human use only. Use only as directed. Do not microwave. 
* Other Precautions 
Do not cut. puncture or tear warmer. Each warmer is single use. Dispose after use. Please use before the expiry date. Please use with care as the temperature can get quite high when using indoors.

Common Uses

Golf and other outdoor sports, whether participating or watching, skiing and snow activities, camping, hiking, winter walks and the great outdoors, refrigerated occupations and construction sites.


• Iron Powder
• Water
• Activated charcoal
• Vermiculate
• Salt


• Open the sachet and remove the warmer. Shake to activate.
• Do not open outer package until ready to use.
• The heat lasts up to 10 hours*.
*according to our independent test. (the duration may differ by usage conditions.) 
• If heat decreases, expose warmer to air and shake.