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Fess Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength Starter Kit 6 Sachets


FESS Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength sachets are deep penetrating, preservative free non-medicated hypertonic saline wash. FESS Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength Cleansing sachets consists of pre-mixed dry powder sachets. When mixed with warm water, the contents of each sachet will produce a 200mL saline wash.

Make a Sensitive Choice.

The FESS range of products is approved approved by the Sensitive Choice program in Australia and New Zealand.

How does FESS Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength work?

FESS Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength is a natural way to help relieve nasal and sinus congestion. Irrigating the nasal and sinus cavities with large volume of saline solution helps wash away excess musis and relieves nasal and sinus congestion due to:

- Colds, flu and sinusitis.
- Hayfever and allergies.
- Nasal surgery.

The benefits of using a hypertonic saline wash.

FESS Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength is a mild hypertonic solution which is 'saltier' than regular saline to gently draw liquid out of the sinuses. This helps relieve sinus pressure. 

Non-medicated, preservative free and suitable for daily use.
FESS Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength can be used alone, with or other medications, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Ask your doctor or ENT specialist for further information.

Size: 6x6.3g


• Non-medicated
• Preservative free
• Suitable for daily use
• Suitable for post-operative care


Caution: Do not use Fess Nasal & Sinus Wash Extra Strength if your nasal passages are completely blocked or if you have an ear infection. Discontinue use if wash causes pain or excessive irritation. If symptoms are not relieved within 2 days, consult your healthcare professional. Do not use if carton seals are missing or broken.

The FESS squeeze bottle should be discarded if damaged or discoloured in any way. The FESS squeeze bottle is a mixing bottle and is not a measuring device.


Contains: Contains: Sodium chloride (20mg/mL when reconsituted as directed), Sodium bicarbonate, Xylitol.


To be used with the FESS squeeze bottle.
Empty contents of one sachet of FESS Nasal & SInus Wash Extra Strength into the FESS squeeze bottle.

Pour previously boiled luke warm water into the bottle to the line marked 'FULL'. Do not use boiling water. Screw cap onto the bottle and gently shake until powder dissolves.

Lean or bend over a basin and place the cap gently inside the right nostril. Keeping your mouth open, gently squeeze the bottle using a pulsing action. Whenever the bottle needs to fill with air, remove the cap from the nose before you release your hand pressure. This prevents 'suck back' and helps to keep the remaining solution clean.

Allow half the solution to wash through the nasal passages and sinus cavity and come out of the left nostril. Using the remaining solution, repeat this process in the left nostril. A small amount of the solution may enter your throat. This is not harmful. If necessary, blow your nose when you have finished. Discard any remaining solution you do not intend using within the next 2 hours. Wash the bottle cap, and tube thoroughly after each use and allow to drip dry. For best results use FESS nasal and Sinus Wash Extra Strength once or twice daily or as directed by your doctor or ENT specialist.