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Audisol Ear Wax Remover 20ml


General Information

Audisol Ear Wax Remover 20mL helps to soften hardend ear wax and prevent the build up of ear wax in the ear.

Common Uses

AUDISOL Ear wax Remover 20mL  contains doclusate sodium which softens hardend wax in your ears, helps with the removal of ear wax. Also prevents the build up of ear wax in the ear with regular use. It's special metered doise idspense alsows easy application into the ear.


Adjust the spray mechanism of AUDISOL® Ear wax Remover 20mL to a horizontal position. Press firmly and fully downwards on the spray pump 2 - 3 times in each ear for 4 - 6 days. Clear away any excess residue with a clean tissue or cotton wool. Not allowed for childrem under 3 years of age