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3M Particulate Respirator P2 9123 Disposable Face Mask 3 PACK

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The 3M Particulate Respirator 9123 is a new disposable P2 respirator launched by 3M™. 3 MASKS PER PACK

Now you can breathe easy when wearing the 3M™ P2 Particulate Respirator, which filters airborne particles such as airborne pollen, bushfire particles, exhaust particles and other airborne particles. Meets Australian and New Zealand Standards, AS/NZS 1716.
The 3M™ P2 Particulate Respirator 9123 is a maintenance-free, flat fold disposable respirator that is intended for use by consumers used in consumer applications (and other users wherepermitted by applicable regulations) to help reduce exposure to certain airborne particulate matter. The respirator is worn over the mouth and nose and attaches via elastic side bands with hook attachment behind the base of the head/top of the neck.

When used as instructed, this respirator can help reduce inhalation exposure to certain types of non-oily airborne particles, such as dirt, dust, sand, vehicle exhaust particles, pollen, environmental air pollution, PM2.5 (fine particles), PM10 and other airborne particulate matter.

  • Helps protect against airborne particulates when used as instructed
  • 3M Advanced Electrostatic Media filtration Technology
  • Highly charged microfibers enhance the capture of airborne particles while allowing for easy breathing
  • Easy to breathe & speak, contoured design.
  • Vertical, flat folding design for easy wear and storage.
  • Embedded nose clip with soft foam helps to conform and shape to your nose.
  • Soft & breathable materials for added comfort.
  • Stretchable side bands with hook help hold product tightly to face.