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 Our Pharmacists are fully qualified to provide you and your family with the protection of vaccines.
We offer a range of vaccinations in store including:

- Flu Vaccine
- Whooping Cough
- Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
- Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine
- AstraZeneca & Novavax available only with pre approval from your GP

Simply click the booking link below to make your appointment with us.

Important information on the flu shot 2022. All vaccines presently on the market are quadrivalent which means they contain 4 different strains of the flu, giving you a broader protection than previous years. We currently have stock of:
- Standard Flu Vaccine (FluQuadri/Influvac) in pharmacy we are able to administer this vaccine to those 10 to 64 years of age. The cost for this vaccine is $24.95
- Flu Vaccine for those aged 65+ (Fluad Quad), the cost for this vaccine is an administration charge of $19.95

By choosing to have your flu vaccination in Pharmacy with us you are supporting a local business, local jobs and helping us keep the community safe this flu season.

We thank you for booking in here with a trained Pharmacist for your flu vaccination.

Important information for those enquiring about a 4th booster shot for Covid-19.
You are eligible to book for your 4th dose if:
- You had your 3rd dose 4 months ago or more
- You are aged 65+
- You are aged 50+ (Indigenous Australians Only)
- You are aged 16+ (Immunocompromised Individuals)

The vaccine available for this booster dose is Pfizer or Moderna. For more information please call us on (02) 4739 1611.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccinations please click here.