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Nuk Signature Soother Silicone 0-6 Months 2 Pack


All babies come into the world with an innate need to suck. Breastfeeding satisfies this urge and gives baby everything they need, but for many babies, the need to suck goes beyond breastfeeding. Non-nutritive sucking can provide baby a sense of safety and security in between feeds. The familiar, instinctive feeling of sucking on a soother can quickly relax baby when feeling unsettled.


Inspect carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth. Pull the soother in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage of weakness.

Common Uses

•A soother of 'dummy' with bright printed desgins
•The orthodontic NUK Shape is modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds and is 95%* accepted by babies
•Thinner and narrower teat neck reduces pressure on jaws and teeth
•Flat baglet and smooth underside; pleasant feeling in mouth; plenty room for natural sucking movements
•Practical soother box cleans soothers on the go - just add water and microwave for 4 minutes
• Age 0-6months, BPA-free, 2 per pack


The soother is made from transparent silicone material that is free from harmful substances, odourless, has a smooth surface, is easy to clean and heat-resistant.