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Maine Beach Kakadu Plum Essentials Pack


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Hand & Nail Creme 50ml + Lip Lustre 15ml

Bring luxury care to your every day with Maine Beach’s Kakadu Plum essentials pack. This pack includes the hand and nail crème and the lip lustre so that you can feel refreshed from your head to your hands.

The crème includes the namesake Kakadu Plum, an antioxidant-enriched fruit wild harvested from Northern Australia, with wild rosella extract to nourish and revitalise, leaving your skin soft and deeply hydrated. This product has a juicy fragrance of ripe Kakadu plums and lush raspberries with a hint of vanilla bean and highlights of gentle greenery.

The Lip Lustre has a subtle plum and raspberry flavour and a base of nourishing organic shea butter, enriched with certified organic beeswax for a protective barrier against cold, and capsicum fruit extract for natural plumping and smoothing.