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Kleantol Antimicrobial Towels


Antimicrobial Towels with Silvadur.

KLEANTOL towels are manufactured using Finest Low Lint 100% cotton treated with patented Silvadur, Anti-Microbial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast and algae. Silvadur is patented polymer from Dupont USA. KLEANTOL is Thermostable up to 180 degree Celsius it retains Antimicrobial activity up to 30 washes.

  • Microorganisms to multiply require water, carbon, nitrogen and organic materials. Bath and hand towels, by virtue of their inherent characteristics and proximity to our bodies, provide the perfect breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria.
  • Introducing KLEANTOL: KLEANTOL is away to isolate germs on the towel, and avoid their transfer from the towels, to other objects touched. These treated towels have shown to eliminate around 99% bacteria transferred on it from wet hands or object cleaning. The novel silvadur polymer treated cotton towel, improves the shelf life and binding of the ion solution on the towels, which last for at least 20 washes. This in turn prevents the cross contamination of germs.
  • Patented Polymer Technology: KLEANTOL Towels use silver-ion base antimicrobial, patented polymer technology to deliver “intelligent control” mechanism. When bacteria land on the surface of treated fabric, the silver ions neutralize the unwanted organisms, resulting in effective microbe-derived protection. Silver-ion base binds to bacterial DNA preventing replication, causing changes to the cellular membrane so it cannot function properly, and thus neutralising it.
  • Uses: Personal care | Gym & Yoga Centres | Office & Home Surface Wipes | Doctors & Medical Professionals | Hospital & Clinics | Restaurants & Hotels | Indoor & Outdoor Sports
  • Pack of 3 | 100% Cotton | 500 GSM | Silvadur