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Benefiber Natural Fibre Supplement On-the-Go Stick 28 Pack


General Information

Benefiber On-The-Go Stick packs are made from 100% natural ingredients and dissolve completely in beverages & soft foods.

Benefiber On-the-go Stick Packs.

- Taste free.

- No added sugar.

- Gluten free.

- Made from wheat.

Benefiber On-the-go Stick packs make taking fibre easier!

Now it is easier than ever to add fibre to your diet with Benefiber On-the-go Stick Packs. Convenient, pre-measured, single-serving sticks that you can mix with almost anything (not recommended for carbonated beverages).

Benefiber is made from 100% natural ingredients and is:

- Taste-Free.

- Non-thickening.

- Grit-Free.

So it won't alter the taste or texture of your foods or beverages. Try it in your bottled water, coffee, yoghurt, or whatever you desire. You won't even know it is there!

- Use it at home, at work, anywhere you go!

Boxed Contents: 28 Sticks

Size: 98.0g


Do not use if sealed stick pack in carton is open, torn or broken.


100% Wheat Dextrin (derived from Wheat)


Pour 1 stick pack into at least 1/2 a cup of any non-carbonated beverage or soft food. Shake or stir until dissolved.


Age: 12 yrs. to adult
Serving: 1 stick, 2 times daily (max 4 sticks per day).

Age: 4 to 11 years
Serving: 1 stick, once a day.

Storage Temperature: Store at controlled room temperatures 20-25°C